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‘It’s about the power of the cup of tea.
Never has there been a drink quite like tea, it’s a drink that has the power to link cultures together both ceremonially and socially. It’s been a social drink in Britain for centuries no matter a persons status, class or rank. But all over the world it has a representative meaning.
It’s truly stood the test of time, from ladies and high tea, to the workers and to millennials. Tea is the answer. We synchronise brew breaks for a gossip we drink herbal teas for the health benefits and natural healing. Not forgetting a good cup of Yorkshire to cure heartbreak and dare I say it…hangovers.
Taking inspiration from a variety of design periods to construct the pattern, with classic floral elements from orchids, peony’s and delphiniums (a flower that represents the transcendence of time and space – which in my opinion a good cup of tea takes us to! Linking eastern culture to where tea leaves were first discovered to western culture after King Charles II first introduced it to Britain.

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Style up your interiors and instantly add colour with our luxury fabrics. Offering next-level softness and glorious depth of colour our fabrics are suitable for a range of soft furnishings & upholstery.
Our fabric are digitally printed with dye-sublimation technology ensuring the print is infused into the fabric rather than a flat surface print. They are available by the metre on a range of textiles; Velvet, linen, cotton, satin, upholstery twill, waterproof /outside fabrics, and silk
• Our fabrics meet Martindale Rub counts ranging from 30,000-100,000 rubs
• Most of our fabrics come fire treated unless specifically stated, so please contact us directly to discuss your fire requirements. All our fabrics can be treated additionally to meet commercial fire specifications.
• Fabric available by the metre in a width of approx 145cm

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Linen, Cotton, Velvet, Silk, Water Resistant Moleskin Velvet


Green, Lavender, Wild Berry, Earl Grey, Cream, Blush