At BOBO1325 we offer a bespoke design service, working side by side with our clients to bring their vision to life. Creating unique, illustrated designs and patterns for murals, wallpapers and upholstery fabrics that are exclusive to your interior projects.

We love nothing more than transforming a client brief from the first scintillating idea to the end result of a showstopping interior feature. The synergy created between client and designer throughout the process is nothing short of magical for all those involved

We gain client approval with every step to make sure that what we create not only gives the client everything they’d hoped and dreamed for but exceeds those expectations as the brief itself evolves throughout the process. It grows, it gathers strength and it becomes life. A bespoke BOBO1325 is like no other.

We also offer a Licensing Service should you desire to see our patterns on a surface or application we collaborate and license our designs to enable you to do so. We’ve seen our designs become feature ceramic tiles, rugs, acoustic sound proof panels and laser cut partitions to name a few.

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