BOBO1325 is an award winning, innovative, interior brand founded by designer Beth Travers, whose collections are intricately designed from our Manchester HQ.

We pride ourselves on offering a range of illustrated collections inspired by the symphony of the social conscious and the world in which we live, bringing into existence designs that are both provocative and captivating; to deliver wallpapers, fabrics, luxurious home accessories and Glicée prints.

Come with us

We invite you into our world, drawing you further in to the intoxicating depths and design layers. They’re raw yet poetic. Delicately pretty but with undertones of mischief, menace and a pure rebel spirit. Finding yourself delving deeper and deeper, evoking a kaleidoscope of memories, dreams and emotions with every glance, in such a way, you never want to be found. Feel the freedom of letting your imagination run wild. For, we all have elements of bold and wild within. BOBO1325 embodies a passionate and rebellious maximalist spirit. Daring you to go bold harmoniously with both patterns and riots of colour. All collections have a story to unfold. Be it, mental health, climate change, gender equality, plastic pollution or mythologies. Designed for intrigue and for art, it’s more than a pretty pattern it’s a statement, interlaced with biophilia bringing the outside in and enveloping you with the affinity of nature.

Your interior spaces will come alive with BOBO1325 they’re both a story and discovery. Designs you look into rather than look at.

Have an idea for a bespoke project, would like further information or just want to tell us a dad joke?

We’d love to hear from you.

Professional Achievements:

  • Mix Interiors: Shortlisted in the surfaces category  (Mix Merit)
  • Northern Design Awards: Shortlisted
  • Fespa Printeriors: Gold award
  • Northern Design Awards: Winner
  • LuxeLife Hospitality Awards: Winner
  • BritList 2022: Shortlisted