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They say that the desert is one of our planet’s harshest environments. Yet living things still manage to function and survive. More than just design with a function, it’s a message. Taking inspiration from Picasso’s rose and blue periods this collection from BOBO1325 depicts a journey of mental health in an aim to banish the stigma.
When I think of mental health, whether it be depression, anxiety or crippling insecurities; I imagine a dark powerful magic. It can feel like your mind and body are no longer your own; almost like you are suspended in time withering under the haze of a spell. Isolated. Surviving in the harshest ‘environment’ of your mind. But who wants to just survive, when you can live and you can thrive? Like the blooming desert flowers you can break the spell and live your life once more in a riot of colour.

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Our fabric are digitally printed with dye-sublimation technology ensuring the print is infused into the fabric rather than a flat surface print. They are available by the metre on a range of textiles; Velvet, linen, cotton, satin, upholstery twill, waterproof /outside fabrics, and silk
• Our fabrics meet Martindale Rub counts ranging from 30,000-100,000 rubs
• Most of our fabrics come fire treated unless specifically stated, so please contact us directly to discuss your fire requirements. All our fabrics can be treated additionally to meet commercial fire specifications.
• Fabric available by the metre in a width of approx 145cm

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Linen, Cotton, Velvet, Silk, Water Resistant Moleskin Velvet